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Kevin's time in the Air Force coupled with his B.S. in Film and M.A. makes him uniquely suited to tell this impactful story.

Writer & Director

Kevin Kimball

An accomplished 1st AD & choreographer , Allison has a unique creative vision, and the skill set to run a large crew on a tight schedule, while at the same time serving as Kevin's second set of eyes.

Producer & 1st AD


If it makes a sound in one of our productions, it's only because Ted put it there. From studio work to field audio, Ted makes us sound amazing!

Sound Mixer


Joey is an award winning cinematographer, and the driving force behind all of our productions. 

Producer & Director of Photography


As COO at The Studio Creative Group, Stephanie is used to managing a large team, and there is no one better at logistics!

Unit Production Manager


With years of experience in hair and makeup design for film , television, and live-events, Meagan is responsible for making sure everyone looks amazing.

Key Hair & Makeup

Meagan Byrd

TSGT Ward has been through all of this before. After multiple deployments, and years spent away from his family, coming home is nothing new. His uses his experience to help Danny navigate the transition.

Tsgt Jack Ward

Kevin Kimball

A Navy Veteran who served multiple tours during the first Gulf War. He is quick witted, and enjoys trading jabs with his fellow vets, especially those Air Force kids.

Navy Veteran

Fran Rafferty

Embarrassed by their young daughter's imposition on TSGT Ward, they manage to put their foot in their mouth as they make their apologies and thank Ward for his service.


To Be Announced

Returning home from his first deployment to a baby daughter he has never met , A1C Spiro is faced with the daunting task of integrating into a life he has never known. He looks to TSGT Ward for guidance as he tries to understand his new life.

SrA Danny Spiro

Reggie Peters

Tasked with breaking the bad news of yet another set of delays to our Airmen and all of the passengers. They handle their job with professionalism and a quiet reverence for our Servicemen.

Gate Agent

Stephanie Mullins

She's just thrilled to see an Army Man, and doesn't quite understand the difference between an Airman and a Soldier.

Young Daughter

To Be Announced