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Being creative is the easy part….


With a large creative team dedicated to our productions, there is no shortage of amazing ideas. The hard part, and what differentiates us from everyone else, is the ability to develop those ideas into actionable plans for media production.


At The Studio Creative Group, we don’t just create compelling videos for the sake of creation. We dig deep into your business, your brand, your clients, and your marketing goals to develop a media package that will generate click-throughs, leads, and sales.


Our approach to video production is three-tiered. First, we research your current branding, market, and goals. From there, we build a script treatment and creative package that will best suit your needs. Once we know what the end product will look like, we mobilize our production staff to generate a finalized script, storyboard, shot-list, production plan, and pull all of the necessary resources into place in order to execute that plan on time and on budget.


Our decades of experience in the film and marketing industries, combined with our unique production management tools mean that your project is organized from day one and like a well-oiled machine.


From script development to final delivery, we make sure that your project, and your brand, are given the attention they deserve.  

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