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Concept To Completed Project: How The Studio Makes Video Storytelling Easy For Businesses

Ready to reflect your brand, product, or service in a whole new light? If your marketing team hasn't adopted video storytelling, now is the time. Brands of all sizes are turning to video in

order to break through the noise in a time where the consumer attention span has reached an all time low. Whether it's a TV spot or an engaging social media video, we set the bar high when it comes to video production.

Marketers know just how important video storytelling is, but often lack the time or resources required to make stunning videos that delight and engage your audience. It's no wonder, video production is often too large and too expensive to handle in house, which is why so many companies turn to The Studio Creative Group. We're a full service video storytelling agency that handles the entire process -- from concept to completed project. We don't create video ads, we actually bring your brand and products to life through stunning graphics and beautiful stories.

What Is Video Storytelling?

Video storytelling is an incredibly powerful and effective marketing tactic that enables you to communicate your brand, story, product, or service. Video storytelling is so much more than a commercial -- it's an actual short compelling story that often includes a plot, conflict, and resolution. To be effective, video storytelling must capture the audience's attention early and hold it through the duration of the piece.

One of the great things about video storytelling is it's highly complementary to your existing social and digital marketing plans. Customers are consuming video like never before; so, a variety of online channels and video storytelling is your chance to catch them in the process.

We Tell Your Story Through Full Service Video Production

End-to-end video production requires careful planning and meticulous execution. From building an initial concept through product delivery and every step in between, The Studio Creative Group handles it all. Our clients don't need to worry about piecing together services across multiple agencies, we provide everything you need to create amazing videos all under one roof. Here's a quick look at each stage of our process:

1. Concept Development

Maybe your marketing team has the perfect vision for a video. Or perhaps you're struggling to come up with the right approach. In either scenario, we can leverage our marketing expertise to transform your initial ideas or visions into reality, or we can start from scratch. During the concept development stage, we'll come up with a powerful plan and walk it the entire way from the idea to the screen. We can develop concepts for theatrical release, TV, streaming, or social media.

2. Pre-Production

The attention to detail and hard work that takes place during the pre-production phase sets the tone, pace, and success of the entire project. That's why it's so important to get this stage right. During the pre-production process, we build the foundation for video by doing all the legwork upfront. Our pre-production process includes:

  • Establishing a budget

  • Developing scripts

  • Casting

  • Writing/scripting

  • Storyboarding

Scheduling and managing production

A lot of the heavy lifting happens during the pre-production phase, which is why working with an experienced agency is key. We know how to plan for success.

3. Production

At The Studio Creative Group, we offer top-of-the-line video production services that will far exceed your expectations. We can handle production of any size. During the process, we will manage full crew services, provide professional equipment packages, manage locations, handle cinematography, and ultimately direct the production. All of the planning and coordination we do in the pre-production process helps us to get through production as efficiently as possible. While we're at it, we can also do commercial photography in tandem to create consistency in your messaging and really bring your brand identity to life.

4. Post-production

So much of our magic happens in the post-production phase: this is when we create the final product. During post-production, we offer full-service editing. We can do all the visual effects, graphics, audio mixing, and dubbing needed to create a visual masterpiece. After we've wrapped everything up and put the finishing touches on your video, we'll review the piece with you and ensure it jives with your expectations, although we're confident that we'll exceed them.

And that's a wrap. Our full end-to-end production process combined with our high-quality results is what helps The Studio Creative Group wow our customers again and again. Our regional Emmy award-winning team is more than capable of delivering a high-quality video piece that will help drive awareness to the top of your customer funnel. Contact us today to get started on your project.


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