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Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words? The Power Of Visual Storytelling

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words". This old adage, which dates back over one hundred years, describes the power of visual communication. Fast forward to today, and the phrase still holds true especially when it comes to brand and product marketing.

Customer attention is at a premium. Just think about how the average person is inundated with media, advertisements, texts, clickbait articles, and dozens of forces simultaneously competing for engagement. It can be truly overwhelming. It has never been more challenging for brands to connect with customers in a meaningful way, which is why marketers are constantly searching for new effective ways to rise above the noise.

All of this digital competition has given rise to an important and effective form of media -- visual storytelling. 85% of consumers say they want and expect to see more social videos from brands and every brand has a story to tell. Effectively delivering that story to your customers is critical for driving brand awareness and loyalty over time. When telling a story, using pictures can help you deliver thousands of words in just a few seconds while your customer is watching TV or scrolling through a social media channel. Most importantly, effective visuals will help your customers retain that story.

How Visual Storytelling Can Drive Growth

Visual storytelling is a powerful marketing tactic that is essential for building your brand, generating an audience, and increasing sales. Here are a few reasons visuals are so powerful:

  • Visual Storytelling Drives Comprehension Visual storytelling is a powerful vehicle that can effectively and quickly deliver messaging. Whether it's your brand purpose, your product's value prop, or the benefits of your services, effective images or videos can instill understanding and drive comprehension unlike any other form of media.

  • Visual Storytelling Is Engaging One reason why visual stories are so powerful is that customers enjoy them and can also connect to them. Effective visual storytelling draws us in, captures our attention, and leaves us wanting more. It's easy to gloss over static ads or text-based articles. However, images or videos that tell a story are highly impactful and hard to ignore. A study suggests people only retain an average of 10% of what they hear, but they retain 65% of a story when it's paired with an image.

  • Visuals Have An Extended Reach When customers enjoy media, they naturally want to share it with others. Because images and video are easily digestible, they're more likely to be shared and consumed, especially when compared to a lengthy text article.

  • Video Storytelling Gives You A Competitive Advantage The presence and quality of your visual story can help separate your brand from competitors who may be not leveraging this media strategy as effectively.

  • Video Storytelling Is More Effective At Communicating Complex Subjects If part of your brand story involves transforming complex data into meaningful insights, then a show instead of tell approach is likely going to be more effective. Visuals, as opposed to text, make it easier to communicate loads of information.

Our brains naturally process visuals much faster than text and audio, which is why it's so important to leverage images and video to help your customers retain key insights. If you're looking for a full-service production agency to take bring your story to life, contact The Studio Creative Group today. Our Emmy Award winning team can create the perfect visual story that leaves your customers wanting more.


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